Fun. Knowledge. Ambition.

Our three ingredients, fun, knowledge and ambition inspire our agile approach to marketing. Fun. We genuinely love what we do. It propels us forward. Knowledge. Learning and adapting is paramount to our process. It produces more insightful work. Ambition. It is critical for all of the elements to work. Without it, you can’t keep pace in a world of real-time marketing.

Creative Services

Colin Christiansen Copywriter
Ryan Kelly Vice President, Creative Director
Elliott Kuss Designer
Gordon Montgomery Design Director
Mark Watson Designer

Interactive Services

Matthew Willox Director of Interactive Services

Communications Services

Kerry Bezzanno Director of Communications Services
Kylie Robertson Communications + Content Strategist
Chris Schieman Communications + Content Advisor

Media Services

Sarah Brodie Digital Media Strategist
Angelina Cho Director of Media Services
Leandra Grenier-Green Media Manager
Manon Lamarre Digital Media Strategist
Tania Nease Director of Media Services
Jasper Payne Digital Media Coordinator
Jeffrey Thi Digital Media Coordinator

Client Services

Larissa Kho Account Manager
Alysia Lambertus Account Director
Keandra Lucki Account Coordinator
Chelsea Rho Account Director, Strategic Lead
Danny Siman Senior Account Manager
Kiri Wysynski Senior Director of Client Services
Jingjing Zheng Account Director, Multicultural Lead

Service Delivery

Émilie Hayes Senior Service Delivery Manager
Pablo Herrera Cruz Service Delivery Manager
Cozette Nguyen Service Delivery Coordinator
Brenna Voogd Senior Director of Service Delivery

Executive + Administration

Rob Jennings President
Lori Stefanyschyn Accounting Manager
Sandra Sundgaard Office Administrator