Liquor store employees frequently face resistance when asking for a person’s ID during a sale. The public perception around ID-checking is often negative, even though liquor store employees are simply doing their part to prevent underage drinking in Alberta.

For the Alberta Liquor Store Association’s latest ID Under 25 campaign, we developed a series of posters, till talkers and buttons that turned the negative into a positive. Nobody wants to feel old. Being asked for ID doesn’t need to be an inconvenience. Instead, it can be a welcome compliment.

The campaign is copy-driven and features headlines such as  “You’ve aged amazingly” and “Many people find it flattering.” The latter headline is used on a poster that also features a mirrored finish so the reader can see themselves reflected.

Not only does the light-hearted messaging show customers that being asked for ID isn’t a negative experience, it also helps to support and empower liquor store employees to increase the rate at which they ask for identification.

The posters and buttons work to dispel the notion that there should be resistance when a customer is asked for ID when purchasing liquor. Our goal with the campaign was to ensure employees feel comfortable asking for proof of age when a customer appears to be under 25 and that customers feel complimented, rather than affronted or inconvenienced, when asked to show identification.