Brenna Voogd

At FKA, the people you work with matter more than anything else. That includes you — our new Traffic Manager.

FKA is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies — ranking 150 on the 2018 GROWTH 500 list. We boast a stellar team of 31, who are some of the best and brightest in the business and have over 170 years of combined experience. But we’re always striving to be better, which is where you come in!

In this role, your attention to detail will shine as you keep track of tasks and timelines, adapt to changing requests and keep a complex team running like a well-oiled machine. You’re as comfortable figuring out the steps to take a digital creative project to completion as you are scheduling video or broadcast work. Reporting to the Senior Director of Service Delivery, your rock-solid organizational and multi-tasking skills instill confidence among your colleagues. And of course, you thrive in a fast-moving, agile environment.

You have a minimum of five years of experience, preferably in an advertising or interactive agency; publisher or broadcaster; or large client-side marketing department. Relevant education in business, marketing or project management would be great but is not mandatory.

We’re seeking individuals inspired to innovate new processes and operational approaches to help FKA and the clients we serve reach their objectives and solve their business problems. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to the development of a collaborative environment underpinned by a culture of support.


  • Internal project management, including:
    • Setting up timelines and assigning tasks for all our client and internal projects in Function Point, Trello or other tools as needed
    • Setting up approval workflows in Approval Manager
    • Creating material requirements and ad specification documents for projects across a variety of media
    • Managing third party/client created deliverables to ensure they meet specifications as well as organizing and providing the assets to the media team or other departments
    • Ongoing communication/liaison with clients, as well as FKA’s media, communications, technology, and creative services departments, to ensure project success
    • Having an understanding of the resources available in each department and when required liaising with leadership to assign tasks appropriately
    • Procuring cost estimates from vendors (printers, photographers, videographers/producers, sound engineers, modelling agencies etc.) for required projects
    • Coordinating timelines/schedules and specifications with vendors for required projects
  • Client facing project management — including estimating — on projects when required
  • Helping to develop and implement new agency-wide, cross-departmental internal processes and best practices
  • Managing and mentoring a direct report


  • Minimum five years of relevant experience
  • Relevant education in business, marketing or project management is an asset
  • Proven to be someone who takes initiative and is detail-oriented, a creative problem solver, a critical thinker and incredibly organized
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively with a diverse range of people
  • Proficiency in project management including leading and managing print and digital communications processes to successful completion
  • Experience using Function Point and/or Approval Manager is an asset

FKA offers competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits program. We provide our team members with many opportunities for training and professional development. Interested applicants are asked to send their cover letter and resume with “Traffic Manager” in the subject line to no later than 5 pm on Thursday, January 24th, but apply early because if you pique our interest, we may call you right away.


This post took some time to get up. Partly because it was Christmas and things got busy, but mostly because we wanted a “deeper explanation” for why we chose our new logo. Why squares? Why this arrangement? What does it all have to do with our company and new positioning? We wanted to deliver an insightful idea like we do for our clients. But our new brand isn’t fully established yet. FKA has only been around for a couple months and we were already asking a lot of a logo that’s barely opened its eyes.

We’ve been telling our clients for years that a logo’s meaning rarely happens overnight, it comes from the context you give it over time. And we needed to subscribe to this same way of thinking when it came to our own logo.

Let’s talk about Starbucks for a second. “Starbuck” was Melville’s first mate in the book, Moby Dick. The company’s founders just liked the way it sounded, and the logo was originally designed to reflect the seductive nature of the sea (whatever that means). The point is, there was no point to it. As far as we know, a classic tale has nothing to do with building a coffee empire. It took Starbucks years to build up the association between their visual identity and what they’re known for. Today, their brand is so recognizable they’ve been able to remove the wordmark from some of their material, leaving only the logo as an identifier. And that’s why we don’t have a grand explanation for why we decided on this logo.

Not yet, anyway.

What we are ready to share is the awesome design that went into it. It started out as 3X3 square grids, and we removed three squares from each grid to form the letters “F”, “K” and “A”. The number three is pretty significant. Three creative ideas for presentations. Three parts to a story: beginning, middle and end. Three phases of life: birth, life and death. Three parts to our agile marketing approach: Act. Analyze. Adapt. And, like our name, the logo was inspired by the three key components of our culture: Fun, Knowledgeable and Ambitious. It’s simple and straightforward, but far from plain. And because of its composition, we can play around with colour, animation and white space.


These animations are also part of what inspired the look of our new website.

As with our approach to marketing, this logo is adaptable. It’s inspired a lot of interesting ideas because of the flexibility of common, simple shapes. In fact, we’ve started seeing our logo everywhere. In plaid shirts. On office buildings. Even in our bathroom floor tiles. Its versatility and simplicity give us an endless buffet of options for using it. And that’s how we know it’s the right choice — it can evolve as we do.

We wanted a logo that people would remember and associate with our company. And this design does that. It’s unique, it’s logical, and it’s something we’re proud to have as the face of FKA.

We never did figure out the deeper, cosmological meaning behind it. But that’s okay. It stems from the culture of our agency.

And over time, it will take on who we are and what we do — gaining greater meaning along the way.


In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Mediactive tasked Starburst with designing a new identity for their company, including a logo, business cards and a brand new website. Our goal for the logo was to create something that was fresh and modernized but would also play off the history of the old mark.

The new Mediactive logo represents each of the company’s diverse media planning and buying services, brought together to demonstrate a cohesive network that works together as one. This was achieved visually by creating an infinity symbol to show unity and by using slight colour variations to show the different aspects of their service offering. A primary colour palette will give the visual identity a timeless appeal and a friendly appearance. 

We also designed a responsive new website for Mediactive that coordinated with the new identity system and automatically adapted to accommodate all platforms, from desktop to smartphone. The new colour palette showcased a modern, friendly user experience, complete with hand-drawn icons that coordinated with the rest of the new identity guidelines. In order to streamline the website, a single page scroll provided easy navigation and legibility, showcasing Mediactive’s expertise and range of services in a modern, clean interactive setting.

Limited opportunities. Violence against women. Marginalization.

In an effort to increase knowledge about women’s issues in our province, the Women’s Equality and Advancement Unit from the Government of Alberta’s Human Services tasked us with developing a series of infographics to highlight the key problems impacting women and girls in Alberta. These infographics help to raise awareness about limited opportunities for girls and women, spreading knowledge about the breadth of the issue and the steps that are being made towards improvement.

Our approach to the infographics was to make them visually compelling while conveying crucial information and statistics related to women’s issues. We wanted to make each fact interesting yet easily understandable upon first glance.

Each infographic was 8.5 x 36 inches and printed with two folds, resulting in a final tangible product that was 12 inches tall when folded and that opened up to a full-length page. The sample below shows the creative we developed with a focus on violence against women and girls.


As part of the Canterbury Foundation’s 40th anniversary celebration this month, we were asked to design a commemorative book that documents the occasion. The book, which runs 44 pages, provides a history of the Canterbury Foundation and profiles staff, board members, centenarians, residents and many of the people who worked (and continue to work) towards growing Canterbury as a premium seniors’ residence in Edmonton. We’re very glad that our design and sponsorship of this book will allow the Canterbury Foundation to continue sharing their story and increasing public knowledge of the significant steps they’ve taken to improve seniors housing in Edmonton.