Brenna Voogd

It had been twenty years since the privatization of Alberta’s liquor industry. In the years since, the economic benefits, increased social responsibility and demand-driven supply had made our province the envy of the nation.

The Alberta Liquor Store Association enlisted Starburst to create a commemorative book celebrating this achievement. Through stunning photography, an interesting narrative and beautiful design, the success of Alberta’s liquor industry was immortalized in print—and was met with acclaim from the industry.


This year we had the opportunity to work with Sage to help showcase the amazing things seniors are doing in our city and inspire Edmontonians to nominate such outstanding seniors for the 2013 Sage Awards.

The concept was simple: a long list of achievements is impressive, but even more amazing is the real senior who accomplished them.

In order to capture the true character of these seniors, we decided to feature the photographs and stories of past Sage Award Recipients. The concept was executed in posters, print advertising and radio.


As platinum sponsors of the Henry Singer Awards, we were thrilled to once again attend the prestigious event presented by the University of Alberta School of Retailing.

This year’s award award went to Purdy’s Chocolates CEO, Karen Flavelle—and we couldn’t wait to incorporate Hedgehog truffles and melted chocolate into our creative.

Warm, rich, colours provided a velvety backdrop for chocolate-dipped “retailesque” items, embracing “the sweetest side of retail.” With a concept this sweet, we had almost as much fun photographing the merchandise as we did taste testing it.

The event turned out to be a huge success—and our copywriter even made it into the Arts section of the Edmonton Journal.
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