Limited opportunities. Violence against women. Marginalization.

In an effort to increase knowledge about women’s issues in our province, the Women’s Equality and Advancement Unit from the Government of Alberta’s Human Services tasked us with developing a series of infographics to highlight the key problems impacting women and girls in Alberta. These infographics help to raise awareness about limited opportunities for girls and women, spreading knowledge about the breadth of the issue and the steps that are being made towards improvement.

Our approach to the infographics was to make them visually compelling while conveying crucial information and statistics related to women’s issues. We wanted to make each fact interesting yet easily understandable upon first glance.

Each infographic was 8.5 x 36 inches and printed with two folds, resulting in a final tangible product that was 12 inches tall when folded and that opened up to a full-length page. The sample below shows the creative we developed with a focus on violence against women and girls.


Having already overhauled The Brick’s Flip it to Win contest in 2013 with overwhelmingly positive results, Starburst set out in 2014 to maintain the fun and visually appealing website design while adding some exciting new features. The sophisticated back-end, complete with extensive custom contesting functionality, enabled players to interact with the contest for the chance to win instantly and gain entries into the daily and grand prize draws, while new features such as social login further improved game play experience.

With a limited advertising budget, a viral component was necessary to ensure the contest’s success. Flip it to Win was embraced by the contesting and social media communities, with information and game play codes being shared on sites across the country. Over the course of one month, the interactive contest drew 250,000 visits from over 100,000 visitors all over Canada.

Our work for The Brick’s Flip it to Win microsite was recently recognized by the Edmonton Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) with an Award of Merit at the 2014 Capital Awards.

The City of Edmonton has made significant investments into the Edmonton Valley Zoo in the past few years, culminating in the opening of two major new exhibits, the Entry Plaza and Wander Trail. The City tasked us with letting Edmontonians know that there was a lot more to see and do at the Zoo.

We’re big fans of the Zoo—it’s a special place where conservation, education and imagination come together. We wanted to capture that sense of magic and wonder but we had to do it in a relatively small space—out-of-home and transit were the focal points of the media plan. So we opted for a poetic take on the copy and the layering of images and illustrations to inspire the kid in all of us.

As part of the Canterbury Foundation’s 40th anniversary celebration this month, we were asked to design a commemorative book that documents the occasion. The book, which runs 44 pages, provides a history of the Canterbury Foundation and profiles staff, board members, centenarians, residents and many of the people who worked (and continue to work) towards growing Canterbury as a premium seniors’ residence in Edmonton. We’re very glad that our design and sponsorship of this book will allow the Canterbury Foundation to continue sharing their story and increasing public knowledge of the significant steps they’ve taken to improve seniors housing in Edmonton.

The centrepiece of our latest campaign for All Weather Windows Renovations is this 10-second TV spot showcasing their very competitive financing offer when you book a window or door installation package. The spot will be aired on Global and CTV in both Edmonton and Calgary starting today. Other tactics in the campaign include newspaper, direct mail and online. Many thanks to KO Group and Johnny Blerot for the video and audio production on this project.