Our favourite memories are most often associated with feelings. How or what did we feel at that time? Comfort, charm and quality. Upon reflection, these are the intangibles that define an exceptional hotel experience. These ads for Varscona draw parallels between the intangible and the very tangible, combining a sense of feeling with macro shots of materials and textures by Curtis Comeau. Comfort is aligned with linen. Charm with slate. And, in this ad specifically, quality with terry cloth.

Quality has its measure.
Whether by thread count or the number of good reviews, quality can be
quantified. Quality is reliable and reassuring. It’s a warm embrace that
reminds you of home. Quality always has you covered.

We recently developed a series of ads for Metterra that juxtaposes high-end finishes from throughout the boutique hotel with fashion or luxury items made from the same materials. In this particular iteration of the campaign, we crafted a custom-made necklace from the same slate used in the stairwell from the lobby to the mezzanine at Metterra, showcased in stunning photography by Curtis Comeau.

The intent is clear—Metterra is Edmonton’s hotel of choice for travellers with taste.


Central Social Hall had evolved since their grand opening in 2012. Just months away from opening a second location in St. Albert and with an ever-strengthening focus on their culinary offering, Central had outgrown their current web presence.

Starburst was tasked with creating a new website that exemplified the many faces of Central—from business lunch destination to date night spot to happy hour hangout—and communicate the personality of the establishment, especially for those who had yet to experience it firsthand.

The classic design was created to better align with their recent creative style, developed in-house by Starburst to feature clean lines, striking photography and an intuitive layout that allowed site visitors to easily access any information they may need. To ensure the quality of the images, we commissioned original photography by Curtis Comeau for all pictures used on the website and in other online and print materials. Additionally, the responsive design scales gracefully to any device size, allowing would-be diners to research on the go.

The site was also built on top of a highly customizable WordPress content management system, allowing the growing organization to make on-the-fly changes and keep the website, as a primary touchpoint for current and future patrons, current.

Engaged thinkers. Ethical citizens. Entrepreneurial spirits.

Students are at the heart of education in Alberta, so the Government of Alberta’s Department of Education developed a new initiative to put students first and make improvements to the education system. As a result, Inspiring Education was born. What began as a public forum became an initiative to create a long-term vision for education in Alberta.

The Inspiring Education project centred on a new interactive website to showcase all the avenues available to parents, teachers, education leaders, students and more. We took charge of designing and developing this website, which was to act as a hub for all things related to the Inspiring Education initiative while maintaining a user-friendly and visually appealing online experience.

The website, which was responsive and automatically adapted to all browser sizes, featured question forums, Inspiration in Action story submissions, a blog, links to external Inspiring Education resources and access to information on each of the sub-initiatives being run under the Inspiring Education banner.

The design incorporated a youthful, colourful theme that coordinated with the other creative work we developed for the Inspiring Education campaign, including a brochure/roadmap, pocket card and buttons. The variety of interactive elements served as a call to action for website visitors, encouraging each person to become a part of the discussion and help spread the word about the Inspiring Education initiative.

In their Going the Distance: The Alberta Sport Plan 2014-2024 document, the Government of Alberta outlines the role of sport in our province and delves into the Active Alberta Policy, which envisions a higher quality of life, improved health and wellness, strong communities, economic benefits and personal fulfillment through recreation, active living and sport.

As part of this project, we developed an online tour of the Alberta Sport Plan, which incorporates an interactive diagram as a way of segmenting out each topic for further discussion. When scrolling to each new topic, the interactive diagram would adjust by highlighting the appropriate section in the matching colour. The diagram itself is added as an SVG made of several groups and layers, all of which are tied to specific sections of the tour. As we detect that the user has passed into a different section, events are triggered which rotate the rings and transition each element to either an active or inactive state via Snap.svg in order to highlight the matching elements. 

The Alberta Sport System diagram shows the integrated nature of sport in Alberta and is reflective of information collected from the Alberta Sport Plan Survey, the Alberta Sport Forum and the Alberta Sport Plan Regional Conversations. The diagram highlights the key elements of the sport system in Alberta, including Accountability, Promotion, Creative Solutions, and Capacity Building.