In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Mediactive tasked Starburst with designing a new identity for their company, including a logo, business cards and a brand new website. Our goal for the logo was to create something that was fresh and modernized but would also play off the history of the old mark.

The new Mediactive logo represents each of the company’s diverse media planning and buying services, brought together to demonstrate a cohesive network that works together as one. This was achieved visually by creating an infinity symbol to show unity and by using slight colour variations to show the different aspects of their service offering. A primary colour palette will give the visual identity a timeless appeal and a friendly appearance. 

We also designed a responsive new website for Mediactive that coordinated with the new identity system and automatically adapted to accommodate all platforms, from desktop to smartphone. The new colour palette showcased a modern, friendly user experience, complete with hand-drawn icons that coordinated with the rest of the new identity guidelines. In order to streamline the website, a single page scroll provided easy navigation and legibility, showcasing Mediactive’s expertise and range of services in a modern, clean interactive setting.

At Starburst, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of work to our clients. That means that nothing leaves our office without being reviewed and proofread by a number of our team members. While a stunning visual design will draw attention to an ad, copy errors will undermine even the best design and can ruin an entire campaign.

To ensure the highest quality of work coming out of our office, our Creative and Account teams make sure to proofread all copy on an ongoing basis throughout a project—from websites, to print ads, to digital banners and more. Continuous quality control allows us to keep tight control over any changes that might occur, particularly during the client revision period.

As with copy, so too with graphics. Our Creative and Interactive teams are constantly checking to ensure that designs are consistent and work well alongside the copy.

Our Account team is also responsible for knowing the client’s brand and visual standards, so they work with the Creative and Interactive teams to ensure that each item continues to align with the client’s vision as the project progresses. We make use of the full strength of our team to ensure the final piece is free from error.

We’re all about quality control over damage control. We’d rather spend our time making sure our design, interactive and copy elements are fully proofread and examined before sending them out—because your campaign is too important to be ruined by small errors. 

I’m pleased to announce Brenna Voogd’s promotion to Studio Director.

Brenna Voogd, Studio Director

Brenna has done an exceptional job managing our creative team, as well as ensuring that all of their work is completed to the highest standards. Brenna has been an invaluable member of our management team and I know that she will continue to contribute greatly in her role as Studio Director.


Limited opportunities. Violence against women. Marginalization.

In an effort to increase knowledge about women’s issues in our province, the Women’s Equality and Advancement Unit from the Government of Alberta’s Human Services tasked us with developing a series of infographics to highlight the key problems impacting women and girls in Alberta. These infographics help to raise awareness about limited opportunities for girls and women, spreading knowledge about the breadth of the issue and the steps that are being made towards improvement.

Our approach to the infographics was to make them visually compelling while conveying crucial information and statistics related to women’s issues. We wanted to make each fact interesting yet easily understandable upon first glance.

Each infographic was 8.5 x 36 inches and printed with two folds, resulting in a final tangible product that was 12 inches tall when folded and that opened up to a full-length page. The sample below shows the creative we developed with a focus on violence against women and girls.


Having already overhauled The Brick’s Flip it to Win contest in 2013 with overwhelmingly positive results, Starburst set out in 2014 to maintain the fun and visually appealing website design while adding some exciting new features. The sophisticated back-end, complete with extensive custom contesting functionality, enabled players to interact with the contest for the chance to win instantly and gain entries into the daily and grand prize draws, while new features such as social login further improved game play experience.

With a limited advertising budget, a viral component was necessary to ensure the contest’s success. Flip it to Win was embraced by the contesting and social media communities, with information and game play codes being shared on sites across the country. Over the course of one month, the interactive contest drew 250,000 visits from over 100,000 visitors all over Canada.

Our work for The Brick’s Flip it to Win microsite was recently recognized by the Edmonton Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) with an Award of Merit at the 2014 Capital Awards.