Central Social Hall had evolved since their grand opening in 2012. Just months away from opening a second location in St. Albert and with an ever-strengthening focus on their culinary offering, Central had outgrown their current web presence.

Starburst was tasked with creating a new website that exemplified the many faces of Central—from business lunch destination to date night spot to happy hour hangout—and communicate the personality of the establishment, especially for those who had yet to experience it firsthand.

The classic design was created to better align with their recent creative style, developed in-house by Starburst to feature clean lines, striking photography and an intuitive layout that allowed site visitors to easily access any information they may need. To ensure the quality of the images, we commissioned original photography by Curtis Comeau for all pictures used on the website and in other online and print materials. Additionally, the responsive design scales gracefully to any device size, allowing would-be diners to research on the go.

The site was also built on top of a highly customizable WordPress content management system, allowing the growing organization to make on-the-fly changes and keep the website, as a primary touchpoint for current and future patrons, current.