All Weather Windows (AWW) makes high quality, beautiful, durable doors and windows, and has been for the last 40 years. But this kind of work can seem seasonal, so a key question must be posed: How can you convince Albertans to remove and replace their doors and windows once the weather starts to turn?

AWW and their direct-to-consumer branch in Alberta All Weather Windows Renovations (AWWR) has been a client of FKA for over five years. In 2016 they posed this question to us with the challenge of helping help them boost sales during their fall window and door replacement campaign. Despite their renovation services team rarely needing more than a day to complete the work, Albertans are understandably nervous about removing their doors and/or windows during the chillier fall months. To make the task a little more complicated, AWW also wanted to target Edmonton and Calgary — two places that were hit hard by the economic downturn in 2015.

We realized that a great offer or financing rate likely wouldn’t be enough of a motivator with this combination of factors at play. So we chose a more powerful motivator than money: fear.

Working with Mediactive, we developed an integrated multimedia campaign that leveraged our collective disdain for (and fear of) winter in a fun way to generate leads for All Weather Windows Renovations.

We took an admittedly tongue-in-cheek approach that dramatized Albertans’ natural trepidation about the winter season. We made winter into an over-the-top foreboding force, and we added a limited time offer to spur “frightened” homeowners to action. This played really well on radio!

The radio was accompanied by direct mail that was sent specifically to neighbourhoods in Edmonton and Calgary where the majority of homes were built over 20 years ago, making them more likely to need window and door replacement. The creative featured an ominous path in a wintery wood and aligned visually with our melodramatic approach on radio.

The visual creative was also applied to digital display and paid social ads on Facebook. We used remarketing list targeting to push primed and interested homeowners further down the sales funnel. All of our tactics featured unique phone numbers and web addresses, ensuring that we were able to track results and optimize the campaign in real-time.

And the results? Well, it turns out fear of winter is a powerful motivator!