The development of our navigation influenced how we structured our new website. During our navigation sprint project, we did user testing of the whole site to see where and how people look for information. The results, for instance, led us to move our contact information out of the footer and onto a separate page with a form. We did this primarily because the footer wasn’t proving to be an obvious or user-friendly way to connect.

Something we also kept in mind during development was the potential for new pages down the road. So we designed the navigation to be adaptive in case additional pages were added.

We also wanted the navigation to change — in a unique way — as the user scrolled down pages. To achieve this, we decided to offset the navigation from the top of the page and make the logo a mask so you could see the website flowing around the navigation as you scroll down.

The main challenge for us was working in tandem with the original Starburst navigation and the new FKA version. Throughout our process, we discovered that the Starburst navigation had a number of issues, so in the end, we were able to learn and adapt to make our new navigation perform more smoothly.