We’ve done the research and developed our brand attributes of fun, knowledgeable and ambitious. We’ve clarified our positioning and started to articulate our differentiation, basing it on our Agile approach to marketing. FKA has been selected as our new name, and your newsfeed has been filled with our blog posts. Now, the next step in our rebranding journey is developing our new visual identity.

As you know, the elements of our new brand were constructed through a collaborative process involving the entire agency.  But when it came to creating our logo, the task was, understandably, left in the talented hands of our design team – comprising six of Edmonton’s finest graphic designers and creative thinkers. This was a unique opportunity for the team, offering a clean break from our existing identity. We weren’t trying to modernize or evolve our current logo. In fact, incorporating elements from the existing Starburst Creative identity wasn’t mandatory. This was an opportunity to create something new.

Each designer was set loose – given the freedom to work independently in developing a series of logos and branding expressions. They had one mission: To create an agency identity that demonstrates to clients, employees (current and prospective) and the marketing industry at-large that our agency is embracing the future of marketing through constant evolution, optimization and reinvention.

From the get-go, we knew this wasn’t going to be easy or straightforward. We have ambitious goals for ourselves and the work we do, and this logo needed to reflect that.

Adding to the already daunting challenge of creating a new identity was the timeline –  the team was only given a week and a half from the initial briefing to the presentation of finalized concepts. But, when our designers were ushered into the boardroom to present their concepts to management, we were thrilled with what we saw. The execution and depth of insight of each designer’s presentation was impressive and innovative, leaving the management team with an equally arduous task – actually picking one.

Read part two of our logo decision process to see how we landed on our final choice.

A selection of our logos.