Why do we love film?

It's all about the feels.

Edmonton International Film Festival

2018 Campaign & Rebrand

The Edmonton International Film Festival approached FKA in 2018, looking for a new and better way to present themselves and promote this year’s festival.

The festival has used a variety of marks over the years, none of which have stuck for a significant period of time. We felt it was important to standardize on something new to set the stage for the next decade. We came up with a simple but evocative new mark for the festival that marries its place and purpose.

Film festivals are traditionally attended by an older crowd and the Edmonton festival is no different. Conversation with the organizers impressed upon us the importance of using younger visuals and language to help attract a new audience. We took that direction literally, co-opting a contemporary youthful expression for emotion in our copy and employing young local actors in the photograph advertising.

The end result is a colourful, expressive and human campaign that conveys the emotions to be had at the Edmonton International Film Festival. Great advertising is unequivocal–so when public reactions to a campaign read like they could have been lifted from the brief, you know you’re doing something right:

“This year’s posters read: Edmonton International Feels Festival — and they’re delightfully on point. For why do we love film? Besides the music and cinematography, the ongoing magic of science and art rolling around in the hay, summoning empathy is at the core. You don’t cry when that dog gets shot onscreen for nothing.”
Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal, September 26, 2018

EIFF Logo Update
EIFF Backlit A
EIFF Backlit B