Social policy for Albertans, by Albertans.

What exactly is a social policy framework?

The Government of Alberta

How do we start a conversation with 4.1 million people?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when Alberta Human Services engaged Starburst to help inspire Albertans to create their own social policy framework. Essentially, social policy is a set of rules that include laws, regulations and guidelines designed to meet human needs like housing, employment, safety and child care. A social policy framework provides direction for these rules, and the outcomes they should achieve.

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Speak. Share. Thrive.

These three words describe the process of building a social policy framework – a simple statement that clearly communicates the objective to Albertans. This call to action became the face of an important initiative, and set the tone for the rest of the materials. ‘Speak. Share. Thrive.’ works to help shape the province’s future by encouraging the public to open up about the issues that matter to them.

The whole package.

To announce the project, we created direct mail pieces, handbills and posters, followed by a comprehensive package. This package included a discussion guide, fact sheets and other important information in an easily accessible format. Sent to Albertans on the front lines of social services, community leaders and non-profit organizations, these materials helped foster discussions about social policy.

380 conversations across the province.

The discussion phase of the social policy framework initiative was a resounding success. Over 380 productive meetings took place in communities across the province during a six month period. Results from these meetings were compiled, and ultimately shaped the final direction of Alberta’s social policy framework.

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