Limited opportunities. Violence against women. Marginalization.

In an effort to increase knowledge about women’s issues in our province, the Women’s Equality and Advancement Unit from the Government of Alberta’s Human Services tasked us with developing a series of infographics to highlight the key problems impacting women and girls in Alberta. These infographics help to raise awareness about limited opportunities for girls and women, spreading knowledge about the breadth of the issue and the steps that are being made towards improvement.

Our approach to the infographics was to make them visually compelling while conveying crucial information and statistics related to women’s issues. We wanted to make each fact interesting yet easily understandable upon first glance.

Each infographic was 8.5 x 36 inches and printed with two folds, resulting in a final tangible product that was 12 inches tall when folded and that opened up to a full-length page. The sample below shows the creative we developed with a focus on violence against women and girls.