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Chelsea Rho

MTV Cribs: Starburst Edition

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MTV Cribs: Starburst Edition

| News

Hello MTV and welcome to our new, bigger Toronto crib.

We’re excited to share that on December 1, our team in Toronto moved to a more centrally located office in Toronto’s Yorkville area.

We transitioned from our current, two-person space, to a larger space at 33 Bloor Street East in the newest WeWork location to accommodate additional staffing as we grow.

Additionally, one of our Edmonton based account coordinators, Gillian Bilodeau, is making the exciting trek east and will be permanently relocating to Toronto and joining the team in their new space. Gillian will be greatly missed in Edmonton but we’re excited for her new adventures ahead and know she will be a great asset to our Toronto team.

We’re looking forward to building our Toronto business in the new year and the opportunities this move will bring. For those interested, our new mailing address is as follows:

Starburst Creative
5th Floor
33 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON
M4W 3H1

It was the fall of 2013, and Field Law’s student recruitment materials had grown outdated. As the Firm’s first impression for many university students, these pieces needed to better reflect the dynamic nature of the company’s culture, staff and student employment opportunities.

Upon learning how intimidating the process of applying for articling student positions can be, Starburst set out to create a website that would serve as an interactive, approachable and informative portal. Through this portal, students could learn more about the application process, while familiarizing themselves with the dynamic personality and professional values that are central to the success of Field Law and their people.

A narrative theme was woven throughout the piece, incorporating fun, approachable language and modern designs. Additionally, a fun and interactive quiz was created for the site, assigning would-be applicants identities such as “Law Aficionado,” “Community Buff” or “Wonderer,” which spoke to the well-rounded nature and diversified skill set of Field’s team of lawyers and the students they employ.

Starburst created a site with a bright design incorporating a youthful take on Field Law’s brand. It was built responsively, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of device. Featuring informative resources on application to-dos, former student testimonials, an interactive FAQ section, news and upcoming events, the site became a hub containing everything a student may need when applying for an articling position.

The website was well received among internal and external audiences and received thousands of visits from a niche target audience. It remains an essential resource in Field Law’ student recruitment toolkit.

Having already overhauled The Brick’s Flip it to Win contest in 2013 with overwhelmingly positive results, Starburst set out in 2014 to maintain the fun and visually appealing website design while adding some exciting new features. The sophisticated back-end, complete with extensive custom contesting functionality, enabled players to interact with the contest for the chance to win instantly and gain entries into the daily and grand prize draws, while new features such as social login further improved game play experience.

With a limited advertising budget, a viral component was necessary to ensure the contest’s success. Flip it to Win was embraced by the contesting and social media communities, with information and game play codes being shared on sites across the country. Over the course of one month, the interactive contest drew 250,000 visits from over 100,000 visitors all over Canada.

Our work for The Brick’s Flip it to Win microsite was recently recognized by the Edmonton Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) with an Award of Merit at the 2014 Capital Awards.

Central Social Hall had evolved since their grand opening in 2012. Just months away from opening a second location in St. Albert and with an ever-strengthening focus on their culinary offering, Central had outgrown their current web presence.

Starburst was tasked with creating a new website that exemplified the many faces of Central—from business lunch destination to date night spot to happy hour hangout—and communicate the personality of the establishment, especially for those who had yet to experience it firsthand.

The classic design was created to better align with their recent creative style, developed in-house by Starburst to feature clean lines, striking photography and an intuitive layout that allowed site visitors to easily access any information they may need. To ensure the quality of the images, we commissioned original photography by Curtis Comeau for all pictures used on the website and in other online and print materials. Additionally, the responsive design scales gracefully to any device size, allowing would-be diners to research on the go.

The site was also built on top of a highly customizable WordPress content management system, allowing the growing organization to make on-the-fly changes and keep the website, as a primary touchpoint for current and future patrons, current.

The 35th Annual ACE Awards were held last night and we’re proud to announce that we received an Award of Distinction in the Brochure category. The brochure in question was a student recruitment brochure we put together for our client, Field Law, entitled “Your Story.”

We were very happy to be recognized for our work and spent a wonderful evening celebrating the best in Edmonton’s advertising community.