What’s behind the door?

We had to get their attention first.

The Brick

Expand a national contest’s reach and speak to a younger demographic that may not be as familiar with The Brick’s brand.

Flip it to Win is a national online contest that offers contestants the chance to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes by “flipping” a cushion on The Brick’s Flip it to Win prize couch. Once a user has flipped the cushion, they will be notified via pop-up if they won. The contest is immensely popular, with up to 60,000 Canadians playing each year.


We sent people to Door Number Six to pick up their Brick purchases. Suddenly, the door swings open…

winning cushion 1 1

Who wants to play flip it to win live?

FKA crafted an experiential marketing event called Flip it to Win Live in which unsuspecting Brick customers picking up their purchases at The Brick’s warehouse were directed to bay door number six. Upon arrival at the door, it flew open to reveal an impromptu game show set—complete with confetti, red velvet curtains, game show host and life-sized Flip it to Win couch. “Contestants” played to win an assortment of fantastic prizes, including 60” TVs, mattress sets, gift cards, appliances and more. In reality, each couch cushion was a winner so everybody who played ended up with a prize.

The light bulb moment.

A total of 10 customers played the game the day the video was shot. The event was cut into several versions of a video to be run online. However, during video production, FKA realized a certain element of the footage could be leveraged into a mini-marketing campaign of its own to boost interest in Flip It To Win and—more importantly—increase e-mail signups once the contest got underway.

site screenshot a 1 2
Door6 Social 3 1

We set about creating a five-day online campaign around Door Number Six—the bay door customers were to collect their purchases from in the Flip It To Win Live! video. FKA anonymously created and managed Door Number Six Facebook and Twitter pages, a microsite, and released a teaser video—using certain footage from the game show experience—all around the question “What’s behind Door Number Six?”

In order for the social media posts to reach our intended audience, we boosted each post on Facebook and Twitter to maximize reach and expand engagement.

At the start of the campaign, the Door Number Six Facebook and Twitter pages posted original artwork and messages inspired by the number six alongside reminders to check back to find out what was behind Door Number Six. The posts also used screen captures of customer reactions from the actual Flip It To Win Live! video. Social media posts and advertising drove traffic to a microsite—doornumbersix.com—that hosted the teaser video and logged visitors for the purposes of Flip It To Win remarketing.

Door6 Social 4 1

A big flippin' success.

Flip it to Win 100 2

Over the course of four days, the Door Number Six teaser video was viewed to completion over 150,000 times and the video viewers were captured on re-marketing lists.

The head start the Door Number Six campaign provided led to the most successful Flip It To Win in the company’s history. The contest ended with record numbers.

Door6 facebook page
STBA Portfolio DoorSixOpen

Winner winner!

The biggest winner of the The Door Number Six campaign was The Brick.


increase in site traffic.


increase in registrations.


increase in CASL-compliant e-mail subscribers acquired.